Trauma Therapy in Collegeville

Trauma-Informed Therapy to Help You Heal

What's Trauma-Informed Therapy?

Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes and can have a profound impact on someone’s life.

My approach is not only trauma informed but my advanced training in EMDR Therapy  is trauma focused so you can trust that I have the knowledge and tools to help you fully heal from your trauma and create a more hopeful future.

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What if I don't think I experienced trauma?

Deciding on the need for trauma therapy isn't solely about identifying clear-cut traumatic events. Many individuals come to me not recognizing their experiences as trauma, yet they struggle with symptoms like anxiety, depression, or relationship difficulties. Trauma encompasses a wide range of experiences, including loss, significant life changes, or anything that deeply impacts one's sense of self or safety.

Therapy can offer a space to explore these feelings, whether or not they stem from what you traditionally understand as trauma.

My approach is to listen and help you understand how past events may influence your current well-being, guiding you toward healing and resilience. Therapy is for anyone seeking to improve their mental health and coping strategies. Don't fall into the false belief that whatever you're struggling with isn't "bad enough".

Signs of Emotional Trauma

  • Flashbacks and Intrusive Memories
  • Feeling Overwhelmed or Hopeless
  • Anxiety and Distress
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Physical Reactions
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Trust Issues
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Healing childhood trauma as an adult.

For many of my clients, the trauma they experienced in childhood came in the form of difficult relationships with parents and other emotional traumas that some consider "little t" traumas. Those may feel more like bad experiences instead of trauma but often have a significant influence on our sense of self and how we live our lives.

By exploring the subtleties of difficult childhood relationships and interactions, we come to a new understanding of ourselves and our relationships and are able to heal younger parts of ourself that can get in they way of how we want to be living today.

This journey of healing is about more than just moving past pain; it's about rediscovering your sense of self and building healthier relationships moving forward.

Trauma therapy can help you move forward.

Trauma therapy can be transformative. In my practice, I witness women moving past their trauma, healing from it, and rebuilding their self-esteem in the process. By providing a safe space for exploration and healing, we work together to untangle the negative beliefs tied to traumatic experiences, fostering a journey towards positive self-perception.

It's inspiring to see clients discover their inner strength and resilience, which significantly boosts their confidence. We focus on developing skills to manage emotions and face life's challenges, enabling a sense of control and capability. This healing process not only addresses the trauma but also paves the way for a future where individuals feel valued and empowered, ready to embrace life with renewed confidence and optimism.

You CAN heal from your past. I can help.
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Therapy for trauma should be as unique as you are. My clients receive specialized trauma treatment that’s tailored to their unique needs. If you’re ready to begin healing and make meaningful changes, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me. 



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