Therapy to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Build Your Confidence & Stop People-Pleasing

What's your self esteem tied to?

People can always count on you and you hate to disappoint them.

But what happens when you say “no”? Do you feel your confidence plummet?

Being a helper is second nature to you and honestly a part of yourself that you really value and appreciate. You’re a people-pleaser – your friends and family always know they can turn to you. You’re the compassionate one, the great listener, the one that will be there at a moment’s notice…so why does it feel like you never get to show up for yourself?

When you start to question your self worth, it’s time to take a deeper look at your self esteem and what it’s tied to. If you’re always anxious without feeling like you have a reason to be, and the thought of saying “no” makes you feel like a horrible person – let’s spend some time getting to the root of why you feel that way so you can learn to build boundaries and return to the things that truly bring you joy and contentedness. 

Busy working mom

Building boundaries is hard but worth it.

When people know they can always count on you for something, it's natural to wonder if those people would want to be around you if you weren't so reliable. So, you find yourself instinctively saying yes when you don’t actually have the time, energy, or resources which is creating resentment in your life.

But what if you set up boundaries? If you're worried about negative reactions to boundary setting or you've caved in and feel like a push-over, it's OK. We're going to look for the experiences - often in childhood - that paved the way for your current situation. And then we're going to get to work on helping you get to know yourself better so you can be your authentic self and learn to love yourself.

Feeling in-tune with other people's feelings and needs is a great skill to have.

But your feelings and needs should come first and foremost for you.

If your needs aren't being met and your feelings are being ignored, let's look at the different systems in your life and how they impact the problem at-hand. You might think that others have it worse than you do and your problems aren't that bad, but when was the last time you were truly happy?

If you feel like you've tried everything to get back to feeling connected with yourself but feel like you keep coming up short, please reach out. I can help you learn more about yourself and discover your needs and limits while providing you with suggestions and guidance while you're on this journey. You'll learn the skills necessary to find your real value.

Believe that you're worth it and worthy of living the life you envisioned for yourself.
The power of self esteem


  • Not always being wrapped up in how others might perceive you
  • Being able to say what’s on your mind freely and naturally and not be afraid of bad reaction to setting boundaries
  • Being able to say “No” when that is what’s in your best interest
  • Feeling more respected by those around you

These are goals you CAN achieve. Contact me for a free consultation.

Therapy with a focus on improving your self esteem can help you understand your patterns and make meaningful change!

Adrianne Wagner, LMFT

You can set and communicate healthy boundaries in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re doing something wrong.

It’s possible to tell people “No” and have your relationships remain intact.

Together, we will figure out where you might need to have stronger boundaries in your life, address the areas that might keep you stuck from following through with boundaries and find ways to communicate them in a way that is authentic to you.

And most importantly, you will see it’s possible for you to make sure your needs are being met, while maintaining your values of helping others, so that you can live a happy and fulfilled life.