Counseling for Young Adults

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You thought it would feel easier by now.

You spent the better part of your teen years waiting to be an adult. And here you are and almost nothing is how you thought it would be.

You consider yourself pretty independent. By your twenties, you imagined you would be living on your own, have solid relationships and on your way to a job that fulfilled you.

You see your friends, acquaintances and let’s be honest, the people you follow on social media looking happy, successful and like they have it all together while you’re feeling confused, stuck and overwhelmed with your life.

You’re not even really sure what you want to do with your life,

but the thought of figuring it out freaks you out… so you just keep doing the same old thing… except now the anxiety, stress and feelings of self-doubt are getting louder. You feel like this quarter life crisis affects relationships you’re in.

There’s no road map to this part of your life and trying to follow someone else’s usually doesn’t end well. Together, we can explore who YOU are, how YOU want to live your life and what might be getting in your way.

If this sounds all too familiar, contact me for a free consultation to start your counseling for young adults.


  • Waking up and feeling excited by the way your life is going

  • Being able to work towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed

  • Living authentically and building close relationships

Adrianne Wagner, LMFT

There are SO many messages out there about who you should be, what you should be doing and how you should be doing it.

Counseling for young adults can help quiet the noise so that you can hear the most important messages… the ones coming from you.

Working together, you will feel empowered to take steps towards a life you enjoy.​