Meet Adrianne

EMDR Certified Therapist in Collegeville, PA

Adrianne Wagner, LMFT

You know you need extra support; now you’re looking for a therapist that seems like they will get you and understand your struggles.

Adrianne Wagner, LMFT

Maybe you’ve heard stories from friends and are hesitant to jump in and trust someone with all of your shit. I get it. 

Therapy is hard. Therapy is vulnerable. But you are desperate for change and ready to try something different.

I specialize in working with people:

  • who are looking to fully heal from their past
  • who have been in therapy before but felt like something wasn’t clicking
  • quietly carry core beliefs of feeling not good enough and maybe even unlovable.


This is where trauma focused therapy can be especially helpful.

No, you don’t need to have some big catastrophic event to happen to benefit from trauma therapy. In fact, many of my clients, are healing from years of interpersonal interactions that have left them feeling not good enough and broken.

I work best with people who are ready to face some difficult shit (with my support, of course). Maybe you’re unsure of how much your past is influencing your present but you are open to the process.

Am I the right therapist for you?

I’m committed to my own personal and professional growth. Personally that means receiving my own therapy and coaching. We all have our stuff and I am no different. 

Professionally, I am regularly engaging in professional development whether that is through reading, listening to experts through podcasts or attending live trainings. The majority of my advanced training is in healing from complex and relational trauma. 

I will not show up as blank slate in the therapy room – truthfully I don’t think it’s possible for me. As therapists, we often preach about the importance of the therapeutic relationship – and it is so important, so how are you supposed to trust me if I’m a robot?

I’m married with two young kids. I love reading about therapy related topics and equally love binging terrible reality tv. I’ve lived in Montgomery County my whole life except when I went to college in Pittsburgh. I don’t have a natural love for the outdoors – except the beach I could be there 12 hours and feel like it’s not enough. Except if kids are present then 1 hour feels like 12 (love them so much!). 

I think I have a decent sense of humor which I bring into my sessions. I also often give my clients a warning that I have terrible RBF. I swear I’m not mad!

All jokes aside, being a therapist is much more than a job for me. I’m filled with gratitude every time I walk into my office knowing that I get to support others in living the life that they deserve and even more so that my clients trust me to help them. I don’t enter into these relationships lightly.

You probably also want to make sure I have received education and training in counseling and therapy.


I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology from Duquesne University, and my Master’s Degree in Couples and Family Therapy from LaSalle University.

What is an LMFT?

A question many of my clients ask is if I only work with couples or families based on my title (Marriage and Family Therapist). My title is a bit misleading. Basically, my training informs my beliefs that you have a vast number of factors influencing you such as relationships with your family & friends and where and how you grew up to name a few. At times, we will explore these areas as I believe they often provide a ton of great information to help you towards your goals.


Finally, I am an EMDR Certified Therapist. EMDR has been an amazing addition to my clinical skills helping clients heal faster. Click here for more information on EMDR.

So, what is therapy like anyway?

Well, honestly, all therapists practice differently and therapy and therapists are not one size fits all. My clients generally appreciate my down to earth, relatable personality and humor in session.

My goal is for you to feel accepted, comfortable and welcome from the second you walk in the door. Together we will ask and explore some tough questions that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the issues you are struggling with and explore ways in which you can make meaningful change in your life.

I want you to feel in control of your life and not like your life is running you.

I incorporate EMDR Therapy into my practice which can look different than traditional talk therapy but can lead to accelerated insights and healing. 

Spoiler alert: I do not have all the answers.

This process is collaborative. I’m here to guide and support you but I also trust that much of what you need is already inside of you and I’m here to help you unlock it. Are you feeling ready?

Adrianne Wagner, LMFT



Adrianne Wagner, LMFT
EMDR Certified Therapist



Licensed Therapist in Collegeville and the surrounding area and online in Delaware and Florida

EMDR Intensives

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