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Trauma Therapy in Collegeville with Adrianne Wagner, LMFT

Are you tired of feeling:

  • Like you’re the one who has to take care of everyone else?
  • Stuck and wondering if your life will ever feel better?
  • Like you’re drowning but nobody knows because you slap a mask on to survive?
  • Disconnected from anyone or anything
  • Broken with no clue how to fix it
Let’s be honest, if it was as simple as putting some self-care routines in place you’d have done it by now.

You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts and may not be new to the world of therapy but you’re tired of spinning your wheels wondering why nothing you’ve tried has helped as much as you’d like it to.

In our work together we’ll figure out how you wound up on auto-pilot, trying to keep the peace by putting everyone’s needs before your own. If you’re ready to work through the stress and overwhelm you’re experiencing, trauma-informed therapy in Collegeville can help. We’ll work together to help you identify the points in your life, past and present, that contribute to you feeling like you’re drowning and finally work towards healing.

Hi! I’m Adrianne Wagner, a therapist in Collegeville, Pa. I help women who feel stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed get to the root cause of their feelings so they can thrive – not just survive. That starts by making it easier to get help. My clients have 24/7 access to a client portal with a self-scheduling option for in-person or online therapy through a secure platform.

If you’re ready to finally feel better, let’s find time to connect. Schedule a 15-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

You're tired of feeling like something is missing. I can help you connect the dots.

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Hi! I’m Adrianne, a trauma therapist in Collegeville.

I’m so happy you’re here. You’ve taken a big step towards finally living the life you want and deserve. Therapy is an investment in you and your future. I don’t take it lightly when my clients choose to work with me and am equally invested in supporting you to find true healing.

…And I know finding the right therapist is an incredibly personal decision – take some time to get to know me so you can make an informed decision.

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You're ready to get the root of the issue once and for all and I can help you get there



Adrianne Wagner, LMFT
EMDR Certified Therapist



Licensed Therapist in Collegeville and the surrounding area and online in Delaware and Florida

EMDR Intensives

If you’re looking for accelerated progress, intensive therapy could be your answer